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Procedures/ Pricing For Paintings and Drawings


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Please contact me directly either through email or phone 912-484-1496.  There is a contact section on this webpage.




A beautiful portrait is a piece of art and history that’s wonderful to live with and can be admired for generations to come. An added plus is that the process of commissioning a portrait can be thoroughly enjoyable as well. It’s actually fun to orchestrate a piece that’s customized to suit your setting and capture the uniqueness of someone you love or admire. A portrait makes a very special and cherished gift.




I will discuss with you the following:


*Subject - single or multiple figures

*Location - indoors or outdoors

*Dress and attitude - formal or informal

*Size of painting – Head and Shoulders, ¾ Figure or Full Figure and canvas size

*Where the portrait will hang.



Primarily, I work from photographs.  If you live within 50 miles of Savannah, I can conduct a photo session myself, which will be included in the price of the portrait.  This sitting will take place at your home, or choice of location, and will last between one and two hours, depending on the number of figures and the complexity of the composition.  If it is not possible for me to photograph the subject, I will work from your references to select one that is suitable for a portrait.  If you live greater than 50 miles away, it is still possible for me to photograph the subject, but extra fees will be incurred in addition to the base price of the portrait. 


As the painting approaches completion, I'll ask you to participate in a "proofreading review," so that any necessary adjustments to the likeness can be made to your satisfaction.


Each portrait is painted on fine portrait grade Belgian linen, using the highest quality materials available to ensure permanence.



Oil Paintings…..


For prices on oil portraits, please contact me via email or 912-484-1496.





I do also offer drawings. The drawings are rendered with Prismacolor colored pencils on tinted paper. These pencils are not like the ordinary graphite number 2 pencils you used in school -- they are special drawing pencils. I work primarily from clear, non-flash photographs that you provide.  I am happy to discuss your portrait with you over the phone at no charge and send you a good-faith estimate by email to help you make your commissioning decision.





The length of time to delivery of a finished portrait will vary based on the complexity and size of the portrait as well as the length of my waiting list. On average this time frame is 3 to 4 months.

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