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At the age of three, I began to draw, and it has been a lifetime love affair ever since. I remember at eleven years of age when I saw the portrait work of Joe Bowler in an article in Southern Accents magazine. It was so inspiring, and I knew from that moment on, that my greatest desire was to become a master portrait artist. At fourteen, I began to paint with oils, and can still recall my first smell of linseed oil and distilled turpentine. Something connected deep down inside me and I knew I wanted to make painting my career. I later went on to receive Art Student of the Year in High School and accepted my first portrait commission at 18. I continued to paint commissions on the side while climbing the ladder in corporate America. My husband's sister passed away from cancer at the age of 50, which made me realize that we never know how much time we have left on this earth.  This inspired me to pursue my art dream full time. Currently, I am a member of the Portrait Society of America.

Several years ago, my childhood dream came true, and I had the honor of becoming a student of the renowned portraitist, Joe Bowler.   It was like a fairy tale to be able to paint with such a master.  Sadly, he passed away November 14th, 2016, at the age of 88.  He was always learning, even up until the month he died.  He will always be my main inspiration, and hopefully I infuse his teachings into every portrait. 

Other trainings include seminars with Craig Srebnik, SCAD, and courses at the Telfair Museum. It is a true joy and privilege to make a living from something that I really love to do! 

Today, I reside in the Savannah, Georgia area with my husband and our two rescue kitties.



2015 Portraits by Tisha